Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans
(October, 8-11 2003)

The annual Microsoft partner event called "Fusion" was initially planned somewhere in July 2003 in Toronto, Canada. However, due to the SARS outbreak months before the event, it was postponed. In October 2003 two Microsoft partner events were merged together and formed the new Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. It was held in New Orleans were temperatures were still high enough to make it feel like summer. As usual: the photos below should have some relation to the actual event.


CTEC Summit: October 8, 2003

Music and entertainment during breakfast. Loud and somewhat annoying.
(So I'm told, because I quit American breakfasts years ago)

Gold partner luncheon...'s specialty: tortilla wraps and tacos...

...and a panel discussion as desert

Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans... seen from one of the many overhanging balconies

Microsoft CTEC appreciation cocktail party with Creole and Cajun buffet...

...and authentic voodoo ceremonies on the rhythms of a Cajun/Zydeco band

Meanwhile outside: although Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world, no one does it like New Orleans. Hundreds of beads were dropped down...

...hoping that passengers would actually show "what they've got". (and surprisingly often, they did!)

Razzoo bar (and patio) at 511 Bourbon Street. Excellent music and a great atmosphere. This was by far our favorite night club were we spent a fortune
on Corona beer and stiff $2 drinks served in vials called 'Tooters'.

This was supposed to be a photo of me, getting a Tooter served. However, by the time the camera flashed, the girl clumsily held the remaining tray of tooters right in front of the lens. Darn!

Left hand: Regina (MS Germany), Wim (MS NL) and Angelique (Vue).
Table #2: Ronald and Thomas. Far right & showing his teeth: Frank (Azlan)

Left hand: Jeroen (Syntegra), Lutz (General manager Microsoft Learning)
Right hand: Ronalds nose behind Thomas's hand (InfoSupport)

Say-cheese-faces during a session break.
L2R: me, Ruud (CT&C), Angelique (Pearson Vue) and Wim (Microsoft)

Frank sneaky looking over my shoulder at my laptop on which the staggering H1/C03 results of Compu'Train are displayed. Next to me: Wim with both an Apple and a Windows PC. His motto: why choose if you can have them both?

Panel discussion about Blended Learning with Jeroen (3th left) from Syntegra

Meanwhile at the other side of the room: Wim (digitally) meets Marissa

The Conference Celebration Party at the Aquarium of the America's on the riverbank of the Mississippi

With -as usual- lots of food, drinks, games and a multitude of live entertainment

After decades of silence, Duran Duran started off their reunion tour...

...right in front of our eyes at the Conference Celebration Party!
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