Refitting a ship with a 91 metres tall transmitter mast


From 1981 to 1983 the former trawler "Ross Revenge" from Ross Fisheries made her transformation into a radio ship in Santander (Spain). It became the 3rd and last ship of the famous offshore radio station Radio Caroline.
Below are some photos of the The Ross Revenge during her transformation from the holder of the World Record for the biggest fish catch to the World Record holder for the tallest transmitter mast ever put on a ship.

The former trawler "Ross Revenge" from Ross Fisheries is
approaching the shipyard in Santander (Spain) for a major overhaul

She was built in Bremerhaven (Germany) in 1960 as one of three similar fishing vessels, kown at that time as "super trawlers"

In 1981 she was auctioned off by a bank and went to a
"mysterious buyer for an undisclosed purpose"

But before that "undisclosed purpose" became clear a lot of
repainting had to be done to prepare her for a long stay sea

The vari-pitch propeller, driven by the 2000 HP main engine

The drydock with scaffoldings.
The protective coating on the hull is completed

The bottom section of the mast has been mounted onto the ship.
Note the porta-cabin studios on the aft which were later removed

A temporarily anchor. A bigger one was fitted after the Ross Revenge anchored at Knock Deep in the Thames Estuary

The top section (left) is assembled next to the ship

The middle section is placed next to the top section

The top section is lifted onto the middle section

The top section is mounted on the middle section

The top and middle sections are lifted onto the bottom section

The top and middle sections are mounted on the bottom section

The full 90m mast is now erected. Only a few bolts to go!

Riggers (right) mounting one of the many stays

A Polaroid photo to prove that the task has been accomplished!
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